Activities Near Matrichhaya Retreat

While at Matrichhaya Retreat, you have a world of activities waiting for you to explore. Nestled in the beautiful Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, this is a hub to get connected to several tourist destinations. Whether you are a nature enthusiast who wants to enjoy trekking or a seeker who wants to learn Yoga or want to do meditation or, if you are a person with an adventurous streak, you can satiate all your soul’s needs here. Pep up your spirits and book a ride and indulge in some of the most sought-after activities in and around this peaceful abode.

Let us get started!

Water sports in Tehri Dam

Tehri Dam is one of Asia’s largest dams providing water to natives here. Because of its vicinity to Matrichhaya Retreat, you can reach here in the blink of an eye. While you are here, enjoy the panoramic view and click Instagram-worthy pictures. Sip coffee or tea and munch on some snacks o slurp some Maggie in a bowl, while soaking in the natural beauty in its most virgin form. Take a boat ride with your beloved in the serene and clean waters of the dam and you will have one beautiful experience etched in your memory forever. For the adventure enthusiasts, you can enjoy canoeing, a ride on the water scooter, speed boating, river rafting, etc. All in all, this is one activity not to be missed, to say the least.

Tehri Dam Water Sport
Sem Mukhem Temple Jaikot


Jaikot is a quaint village, that houses one of the best hotels in Tehri Garhwal, i.e., our esteemed Matrichhaya Retreat. Set out on an expedition to this village, which is quiet and serene. It is not flocked by tourists, so it has maintained the charm and traditional values like always. Interact with the locals and learn a thing or two about their culture and tradition. If you are hungry or just an ardent foodie, indulge in sumptuous local dishes. We would suggest you satiate your taste buds with the local cuisines like Kafuli, Garhwal ka Fannah, Pnaanu, Baadi, or Kumaoni Raita. Did you know about the cuisine named “Kandalee Ka Saag”? It is a dish prepared from a prickly shrub called Bicchu Ghas. As foreign as the names of these cuisines are, the tastier they are, and you would look forward to more whilst your holiday here.

Rejuvenate with Yoga

The Himalayas has been a beehive for foreigners and seekers from lovely India, for ages. What is attractive is the unperturbed essence of the teachings that have been passed on to generations of yogis and saints here. As food is to the body, yoga and meditation are to the mind. Travel about 67 km away and arrive at the holy town of Rishikesh. Nestled in the Tehri Garhwal region, it has some of the best schools of Yoga and meditation. People with various kinds of conditioning and mindset come here and become centred. The Himalayas indeed accepts you and this is wholesome. You can also get a certificate after participating in Hatha Yoga or other forms of Yoga here. Who knows, you can become the next Yogi back home teaching Yoga to young and old and changing the lives of people magically. Learn the subtle form of meditation and feel serene and peaceful by the Ganges that flows in all its might and divinity here at Rishikesh.

Dhanolti Yoga
Devprayag Trekking

Enjoy trekking and flex those muscles

Are you looking for an enriching and breath-taking trek? Look no further. Some many camps and treks are arranged by troops and groups here. One such trek is the Ghantakaran Trek. Start from Matrichhaya Retreat and reach Ghantakaran temple located at a height of 10000 feet above sea level. The twittering of birds, the snow-capped peaks, and the blue sky would be a bewitching sight, to say the least. You can also arrive at Devprayag, which marks the pivotal point for various treks like the Badrinath trek or Kedarnath trek and beyond. In short, Devprayag is the halt that heralds you to the Char Dham yatra.

River rafting and bungee jumping

When you reach Rishikesh, you can couple your Yoga and meditation retreat with some adventure activities. River rafting in Rishikesh is on the bucket list of almost all adventure seekers. The gushing waters of the Ganga would mercilessly dash against the gorges and form a foam while you are in the boats under the guidance of an experienced guide. The beautiful backdrop of the Himalayas adorned with the mighty deodar trees and the sky would be a sight straight out of a painting. Jump into the waters when the guide instructs and float your way till Ram Jhula, where the trip ends. If you have nerves of steel, we recommend you try bungee jumping arranged by professionals, it certainly isn’t recommended for the weak and the shaky. Let yourself loose while you are fastened to an anchor and say no to your fears all in a jump. You could also try the Flying Fox, where you and your partner get the feeling of flying about 1 km while being fastened by strong ropes on a zip line and see the river just pass by below you in a whiz!


If you could imagine all of that, you have no reasons to postpone your wanderlust! Go ahead and book your staycation with us at the earliest!