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The Most Trending Places Near Matrichhaya Retreat

Matrichhaya Retreat located at Jaikot village has a lot of places of natural beauty in its vicinity. It is no wonder that Tehri Garhwal is the most flocked to place in Uttarakhand. We would suggest that during your staycation here, do not miss to catch all the enthralling views and experiences at Tehri Garhwal. Right from lush green surroundings created by the mighty and daunting Himalayas, valleys filled with rare and gorgeously hued flowers, to rivers and confluences, you will have a lot to take back as memories. Start your day early so that you have a well-planned day during your expedition with family and loved ones. Keep your heart open and your wanderlust soaring, as there may be many an unnamed village and spots that are isolated and gorgeous on your way. Here is a list of some of the best places that you can travel to during your travel therapy.

Tehri Dam

39 km away

Travel 39 km away across the beautiful Himalayan winding lanes and arrive at one of Asia’s largest and highest dams. It has its water sources at two main rivers, Bhagirathi and Bhilangana. Witness this world’s biggest hydro electrical project supplying water to the natives here. It is spread across a lavish area and serves people with the best of panoramic views. Have a sumptuous breakfast under the sky and by the dam’s azure waters and give people travel goals like never before. Also, serves as one of the best locations for Instagram-worthy pictures for your followers to get wooed away.

Tehri Dam Tehri Dam
Sem Mukhem Temple Sem Mukhem Temple

Sem Mukhem Temple

80 km away

If you can combine the Tehri Dam trek along with a religious pilgrimage, you must visit the Sem Mukhem Temple. The temple is one of the most well-crafted temples dedicated to Nag Raj. It is located at about 2900 m above sea level. Make the most of the visit by climbing up the lofty stairs and testing your fitness levels here. There is a 2 plain km area and you can take a walk and enjoy the serene and bewitching view of the Himalayas from the top.


114 km away

Dhanolti can be travelled ahead of the gorgeous and breath-taking Tehri Dam, but the route can become a little longer. But who cares when you are on your spree for wanderlust and are thirsty for natures’ beauty and delight? Dhanaulti is a small and serene hill town nestled in Uttarakhand. Here you can enjoy the much-needed quietness as it is a quaint village not flocked by a lot of tourists. Give your senses the well-deserved pampering while you trot into the Apple orchards. Not only does it offer you an unmatched view, but it also gives you a pleasant fragrance that your brain will register forever. Do not miss the chance to visit the Eco Park at Dhanaulti where the nice and winding path leads you to the rows of Deodar and Oak trees. The view would be picturesque, and the feeling beyond words.

Dhanolti Dhanolti
Devprayag Devprayag


51 km away

At about 51 km from Matrichhaya Retreat lies the bewitching Devprayag. For people who are not aware, visiting Devprayag is considered a holy thing by Hindus. This is the place that marks the confluence of two mighty rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. It is said that a third river Saraswati joins them and flows underground. Stand at the edge of the winding roads and feel your goosebumps as you can literally differentiate between the two rivers owing to their different appearance. Once they join, they flow downwards as the divine Ganga. The word “Devprayag” means “Godly Confluence” and you need to arrive at this place to feel the spiritual vibes it offers. If you get a chance do not miss to visit the Raghunath Ji Temple located in the upper part of the village. This is a place that is definitely on the bucket list of nature enthusiasts and wanderlust seekers.

Rishikesh and all that it offers

67 km away

Travel in the Southwest direction from Matrichhaya Retreat, one of the best resorts in Tehri Garhwal, and arrive at Rishikesh. It is a concoction of people from across the world who come here as tourists and eventually finds that their heart always belonged here. Find the best of spiritual teachings and schools here. Right from Yoga schools, Art schools, music schools to spirituality centres, this place offers you everything to make you feel centred. Visit the divine Sivananda Ashram to see the work of the great Swami Sivananda. Take a stroll in the Tapovan area and arrive at Ram Jhula. Ram Jhula is the suspension bridge connecting both the Himalayan valleys on either side of the Ganga that flows calmly towards Haridwar and beyond. Feed fish, cattle, and birds while watching the sunset from this gorgeous bridge. Walk down the steps towards the Ganga River and immerse your tired feed in the river water and see her taking away your stress magically. Another temple that is a must-visit is the Kunja Puri temple where if you sit and feel divine, catch the sunset, and bring on the evening. The evening’s panoramic view looks straight out of a movie. A lot of restaurants and cafes have cropped up on either side of the Ram Jhula making it a melting pot of cultures from India and abroad. You may consider staying for a night at any hotel or resort or even a budget-friendly hostel for that matter.


If this is enough to add fuel to your adrenaline rush, go ahead and start planning your expedition when you stay at Matrichhaya Retreat and enjoy the therapeutic effect that the Himalayas offer you.